Thursday, August 25, 2011


"How much more money do you need? I've never played this game for money. I play it for love and for championships."

"It's the way I was brought up. If $85 million is not enough to take care of my family and other generations of my family, then you're stupid."

"Loyalty is very important to me. The Angels drafted me. I want to stay here until I get a ring, or two, or three."
Torii, per the LA Times:
Right fielder Torii Hunter called Weaver's decision to ignore the lure of a richer payday "refreshing," saying the deal was smart for both sides.
After Lackey's insanity, and the continuing descent of professional sports into unsustainable fiscal irresponsibility, Jered Weaver has proven himself to be a tremendous athlete, teammate, and Angel. Thank you.

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