Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gamma H

Somewhere between studying for a Tuesday Fluid Mechanics test and a Monday Marketing "test," there's some interesting things going on in the sporting world.


Amanda, still good at tennis. She won her match today 6-4, 6-3, so she advances to the finals of the Mecco Cup in Allentown "Funland," PA, tomorrow at 11:00. The local rag, the Morning Call, has some pretty humorous coverage of yesterday's match vs. Brenda Schultz-McCarthy. Schultz-McCarthy was, at one point, the #9 ranked female singles player in the world, and currently holds the women's world record for fastest serve at 130 mph. She's 37, but that serve is still there, so bravo, Amanda.

Today, she defeated Lauren Albanese, generally described as a "young 'un." I'll let you know who she plays tomorrow once I find out.

Angels/A's Belated Series Preview

Probably should have written this before the series actually, you know, started, but it is what it is. The A's just traded away a dominant Rich Harden and, for some reason, a worthwhile Chad Gaudin to the Cubs for a couple no-name prospects. One of those no-name prospects, Sean Gallagher, mowed through the Angels last night in a 9-2 A's win. The key to beating the Angels is using pitchers who aren't good, but rather haven't ever pitched before. I've grown weary of this.

Tonight, Ervin Santana and Dana Eveland face off. Santana's had a couple rough starts, but he's like 8-1 with some sort of ridiculous ERA vs. the A's in his career. Eveland, on the other hand, isn't actually as good as he's been pitching. He's a league average pitcher. Just wait. Enjoy the regression to the mean at 10:05 EST tonight.

The last game before the All Star break comes on Sunday with Hokie Joe Saunders and Justin "medicore relief pitcher turned ace" Duchscherer. And yes, I spelled his name correctly without looking it up. Joe had a good game, but not good enough to get the W, last time out with his first career complete game. "Duke," as Oakland fans call him, has an artificially low BABIP of .227, particularly when his K/9 is a pedestrian 5.8. He, too, is due for some regression, but probably not in this start.

The A's will probably take two of three and keep the series interesting until their young pitchers break down in August.

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