Friday, July 11, 2008

Texas != Contender

Angels 11, Rangers 10 (11 innings)

Look, I don't mean to be an asshole, but all these idiots seem to think that the Rangers are, somehow, in a pennant race. So does this moron, and this one. But that doesn't change the fact that the only good pitching they've gotten has been from AAA no-names who the league's never seen before. Sure, they came back from a 10-4 deficit, but that's just as much Scioscia's fault as it was the fruit of the Rangers hitting coach, so all the nonsense seems like a bad joke.

As far as the actual game, John Lackey had nothing and got hit hard all night. He couldn't throw his breaking ball for strikes, although the strike zone was about the size of a shoebox last night. The Rangers managed to make a 6-run comeback before Scioscia finally realized it was time to put in Arredondo, who mowed them down for a pair of innings. Justin Speier was, for the first time in recent memory, inspiring, and put the Rangers down in the 10th, and Frankie close out the 11th for his 36th (!) save before the break.

Maicer drove in the 11th run for the Halos with a bloop single that scored Garret Anderson, but the offense was driven by Howie Kendrick, who had his first multihomer game (coincidentally his first homers of the season). He went 3-5 with 3 RBI and a walk, so bravo to Howie, who's going to be an Angel for a long, long time.

But seriously, Ranger fans: your team is not contending. They will not be contending this season. At the very best, you are the 2007 Mariners.


Amanda is good at tennis. She plays in a couple hours for a spot in the semis, and moves closer to a potential wildcard in the US Open. First, of course, she'll have to pair with Steph for a rematch with Jordan and I.

Northeastern Hockey

Mostly old news here, but Steve Qualier was one of several NU recruits to get drafted in this year's NHL Entry Draft. Also drafted were the Daniels brothers, although they likely won't be on Huntington Ave. until 2010. Quailer was taken in the third round, 86th overall, by Montreal. Félicitations, Steve.

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