Thursday, April 30, 2009

Power = 3 straight wins

Angels 8, Seattle 0
Angels 7, Baltimore 5
Angels 3, Baltimore 2

These are the Angels I remember. And the Mariners during that span? 1-3. Yes, much more like regular life than the bizarro world start to the season.

The Angels now sit at 9-11, 3 games behind the first place Mariners. The Halos generated all three of those wins thanks to power in the lineup and at least league-average pitching. Finally. They've hit 5 homers (two Kendrick, two Morales, and one Hunter) and have had 9 other extra base hits, including a rare Morales triple yesterday which is likely an inside-the-parker with anyone else running.

It's important to note that the Angels have managed this with both Vlad and Brandon Wood on the bench, something which bodes well for the team once both players return to the lineup.

The Angels make their first trip to New York today for a four game series. Projected pitchers are:

Ortega-Burnett (lol)
Palmer-Sabathia (LOL)

I'm looking at tonight's game and Saturday's game as good times to go to the gym, move out of my dorm and into my new one, and get a root canal, all of which will likely be better options than watching the Angels.

Other positive notes from the last couple days:
  • Scot Shields seems to be relearning how to pitch.
  • Fuentes has picked up another two saves.
  • John Lackey and Ervin Santana have both had encouraging bullpen sessions. I imagine they're both close to returning to competitive baseball, but I'm pretty confident Santana will be forced into Tommy John surgery before the season is over, or at least in the offseason. UCL's don't heal particularly well by themselves. (Apparently, Santana threw about 40 pitches over 3 innings in Arizona...I'm not sure if this was a rehab assignment or what.)
  • Howie Kendrick and Kendry Morales seem to be heading towards the higher side of their offensive projections.
  • Bobby Abreu is still freakishly fast for a man his size and age.

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