Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Enjoy the pinstripes, John

I like Lackey, for the most part. I even own a jersey with his name on it. But I'm sick of the constant attitude, and I'm even more sick of bullshit like this:

- E. Andrus grounded bunt out to catcher
- I. Kinsler struck out swinging
- M. Young singled to shortstop
- J. Hamilton singled to center, M. Young to third
- A. Jones homered to deep center, J. Hamilton and M. Young scored
- H. Blalock doubled to left
- M. Byrd walked
- D. Murphy walked, H. Blalock to third, M. Byrd to second
- H. Blalock scored, M. Byrd to third, D. Murphy to second on wild pitch
- J. Saltalamacchia singled to right, M. Byrd and D. Murphy scored, J. Saltalamacchia to second advancing on throw

An infield single led to a massive mental breakdown. Unacceptable, even shameful, at the major league level, and an all-too-frequent occurrence with Lackey. Some call it the Lackey Inning, I just call it ridiculous. An infield single. He turned an infield single and a 3-run lead into a 6-3 deficit in the span of 15 pitches. Memo to Big John: A sinker in the dirt is not your best option when you have a 1-2 count and the bases load. Climb the ladder, buddy. The high fastball always works. And beyond that, giving up a homer to Andruw Jones should be grounds for immediate demotion.

At this rate, it seems quite possible that Lackey won't be getting a pitching deal from anybody, much less the Yankees.

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