Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here we go again

Rob pointed out this Olbermann piece yesterday, and while I don't typically pay too much attention to moronic sportswriters, I think this needs to be said.

Hey, Keith? Fuck you.

I can't stand this type of journalism. Every sportswriter, and yes, I mean every single one, who was around in the clubhouses when McGwire and Sosa were hitting with unreasonably huge power are just as much the problem as the players themselves. They saw what was going on with these players. They knew that there was no way Barry Bonds turned into a 70+ homer guy naturally. And yet they reported nothing. And now that baseball is suspending one of the greatest hitters in its history for substance abuse (a substance which isn't even a steroid, mind you), Olbermann gets sick?

Go away. The irrelevance is mind-boggling. I used to agree that there was a place for sportswriters in society, that despite their obvious limitations, it was still good to have a member of the press with access to the team. I don't feel that sentiment any longer. They're useless.

Angels 9, Texas 4

The Halos managed to beat the previously unsolvable Kevin Millwood and the Rangers, thanks in part to Angel Stadium's reasonable outfield dimensions. Weaver produced 9 fly balls, several of which were caught at the wall by various Angel outfielders. Only one left the yard, but a drive by Blalock looked like a sure double high off the huge wall in right until Hunter made a spectacular catch. Repeat after me: MVP, MVP...

The offense got things going with a surprising Mathis homer before piling on four runs in the fifth on four hits, a walk, and a sac fly. With the win, the Angels recapture sole possession of first place at the midpoint of the season. They look to continue expanding that lead tonight at 7:05 Pacific.

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