Sunday, July 26, 2009

In-game notes

Today's post is sponsored by my engineering education, without which I'd be far less likely to go on a murderous rampage. First things first.

Angels 1, Twins 7 (in progress)

Yes, the Angels are on an unlikely 9-game winning streak. Yes, I realize I'm complaining about a team which will be 3.5 games in first even if they lose this game. But I'd like to point something out, here. Ervin Santana's fastball velocity average, number of fastballs, and number of pitches per inning:

1st: 94.1(18 fastballs, 29 pitches)
2nd: 91.7 (9 fastballs, 13 pitches)
3rd: 92.4 (7 fastballs, 14 pitches)
4th: 92.8 (19 fastballs, 29 pitches, did not complete inning)

For those of you interested in biomechanics, this is how you can tell a pitcher is tired. From an average of 94.1 with a peak of 97 to an average of 91.7 with a peak of 93. All this data, by the way, is from MLB Gameday which uses PitchF/X. The stadium gun as used by my13 TV was showing 89 mph on Santana's fastballs...if that's correct, Santana is more than just tired. But I've been saying he's still hurt, so who knows. It's also important to note that the Angels bats were busy getting no-hit, so Santana was getting absolutely no rest between innings. This is classic pitcher abuse. It's not about pitch counts, it's about tired pitch counts, and when your starter has to throw frequently with little rest, you see a decline in pitch quality and an increase in the likelihood of injury.

Not really pointing fingers here, because there's not a lot Butcher/Scioscia could've done, but it's fun to look at the data.

The best part about this little analysis I just did? It's now part of my schoolwork.

2010 All Star GameThe logo's out, and it looks awesome. Really, quite good-looking. Some folks have been complaining about how the star looks like a Texas star, but it is the All Star game, and besides, ever look at the Californian flag? That red star is not, in fact, a nod to Soviet Russia, but rather to the the Republic of Texas. So if you want the California Angels name back, whining about the star is dumb.

Of the game itself, I'd rather like to go, but I'm sure I'll be priced out of it regardless.

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