Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Angels and Hockey

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Yes, my room's a mess. Yes, it's finals week.

If you've never tried on hockey goalie pads, it's really something worth doing. It really helps you appreciate the game from both a shooter and a goalie perspective. The pads are huge, and it's tough to move around. This, of course, is added to the fact that you're on ice and skates, and the ball is a tiny piece of frozen rubber shooting around at 120 mph. And forwards have a tough time because these pads are enormous. I'm not a particularly big guy...I'm about 5'10", but I weigh around 150 pounds, so my frame's pretty wiry, but these pads allow me to fill up most of the goal. I now understand why Thiessen looked so small in Wollaston's but so huge on the ice.

I've made no secret of my desire to play hockey for the last year or so, and this upcoming semester is really my last chance to do it. Northeastern has an intramural ice hockey league, so I'll need to assemble a team. Most certainly, Jeff will play, but finding others to play an incredibly dangerous game without any sort of formal training or equipment is going to be difficult. On the bright side, playing goalie ensures you've always got ice time.

I bought this chest protector on eBay using funds I acquired by participating in an asinine study at MIT. Sadly, without getting paid for my last co-op, this is what it's come to. I've got another study on Friday where I'm watching football for three hours to make $50, which doesn't seem too bad, but jeez, I'd just like my earned salary, please. With any luck, my loving parents will contribute to a real goalie helmet and the ever-important goalie jock.


"Do you want to know the terrifying truth? Or do you want to see me sock a few dingers!?"

Side note: Talk about weird. So much irony and foreshadowing in that quote. There's a lot of baseball references in the Simpsons, but seeing Mark McGwire in there much before the whole steroid controversy was pretty interesting.

Following the Angels this year has been unbelievably weird. I was convinced they were a third-place team for the first month of the season. I was convinced they were the best team in the AL after the All Star break. I lost confidence in their ability to win thanks to crappy pitching. And now I'm beginning to think they're the class of the AL. Again.

Sweeping Tampa isn't really the same as sweeping the Yankees, but it's still a nice way to round out a homestand. Moreover, the offense seems to have woken up, and Ervin Santana had a hell of a start. I will note, however, that his fastball velocity was up in the 95-97 range in the first and then 92-94 the rest of the way through. That's not ideal.

Trevor Bell made the start this afternoon. I napped through part of his start, but he looked more reliable than his line score indicates. 4 ER in 5.1 innings is kinda bad, but the 4 K's are encouraging, much as the 3:2 groundball to flyball ratio. He's not a future David Price, but it looks like he'll manage league-average numbers at the league-minimum salary. Boom.

By the way, I noticed this over at the site for the Salt Lake City Bees. Yes, Eric Maynor of VCU basketball, throwing out the first pitch. I heckled this guy like it was my job when he showed up at Matthews. It's strange when sports intermingle like this.

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