Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I have a dream...

I mean, I'd prefer something better than a huge 486DX stationed behind the catcher, but this is still way better than humans.

Angels 1, Boston 4

The supposedly awesome the offense carried through the summer seems to be a product of fluke performances and luck, and you'd have to be an idiot to really think Maicer Izturis is an everyday player. Of course, the offense isn't really as bad as it's recently been, because Juan Rivera isn't really this terrible, and Vlad is stuck between being passable and being Vlad.

But this was a loss with lots of moral victories: The Angels made hard outs against Matsuzaka, including a Torii ball laced at the third baseman with men on second and third. Moreover, when Terry Francona idiotically brought in Papelbon with a 4-run lead, the Halos managed to scrape out a run, something I'm not sure they've ever done against Coin Slot. John Lackey pitched pretty well, although his fielding still leaves lots to be desired. At the same time, a third baseman really should be able to field a one-hop throw from the pitcher. Practice, Mr. Figgins.

I included the above Photoshopped image as an example of a situation which would improve the game of baseball. Check swings are impossibly hard to call, and yet umpires exhibit the utmost in confidence in exercising their judgment in an unbalanced fashion. Balls/strikes are hard to call, and yet umpires and the league remain steadfast in their assertion that blown calls are "part of the game." No. Enough. Replace them with our already 99.9999% accurate PitchF/X technology and end this farce.

I'll be at the Saunders/Byrd game tonight. Pray for offense.


Hockey preseason is here! Well, for the NHL, at least. I maintain that I will write a complete preseason outlook on the Northeastern Huskies and, to some degree, Hockey East, before the season begins. The same goes for the Kings. I just need to get off my ass and get to it.

The mask is pretty much done, with the exception of the back plate. The bricks around the chin are a little messy, but overall, it's pretty good for something which required my artistic talents.

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