Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Umpires Are Terrible

Courtesy of Neo8234 over at Halos Heaven, this is Gameday from the walk issued to Nick Green which tied the game:

Click image for full-size cheating.

That is a fucking disgrace. Pitch 9, the walk, is a strikeout. Without any question. I'd like to talk about how Fuentes sucks, but it's irrelevant. Blown calls cost the Angels this game.


idiotG said...

The "check" swing was DEFINITELY a strike...awful no call. The last "ball" seemed like it could have been a bit low to me until I saw the replay with the strike zone "box" which showed it to be a strike. What surprised me the most about the last at bat was Rivera's "effort" to catch the bloop single. It almost looked like he gave up on it. Where's the dive pal? Just think of this Marcus, it will be that much sweeter now when the Angels beat the Sox in the playoffs.

Marcus said...

Rivera is fat and slow with a skillet out there in left. Even if he dives, I'd be shocked if he makes the catch. He's a defensive liability, and it showed last night. If he hadn't been 3-5, we likely would've seen Gary Matthews Jr. in left.

If the Angels beat the Red Sox in a postseason series, it will be the first time since well before I was born.