Saturday, April 10, 2010


During the first five games of the season, the Angels have scored 16 runs. Take away their only win, and they've managed just 10 runs in 4 games.

During that same stretch, they've allowed 35 runs. Yes, 35. 20 of those runs came in two games, each 10-run affairs, against two mediocre offenses in Minnesota and Oakland.

They have one sacrifice fly. They have five errors. They have one stolen base and have attempted to steal a base only twice.

What the hell team am I watching? The Pirates? The Orioles?

Advice to some Angels:
  • Wood: Stop trying so hard to hit the ball and hit the ball. You're guessing. Stop guessing. Stop deciding to swing at the first pitch, not swing at the second, and swing at the third. I know what you're doing, and it's stupid.
  • Abreu: Stop striking out. Start walking. You've done it your whole career, figure it out. You'd have an improved OBP this season if you never bothered to swing the bat at all.
  • Scioscia: If Mathis plays another damn game while Napoli sits on the bench, I'm going to put you on a diet.


Andrew said...

Don't worry, Matsui's got your guys' back.

Kyle said...

Whats your opinion of the whole Joe West, games take too long BS. In my opinion these are the changes the MLB should make. Raise the mound 3 inches, strike zone knees to numbers, enforce the time limit on delivering a pitch, ban body armor larger then a roller blading elbow pad. Those should speed up the game a lot and supress offense a good bit as well. I think if they help the pitchers out youll also see less injuries. Which is good for everyone but your measurement shirt market

Marcus said...

You can fix the time thing by preventing batters from being able to call time and preventing pitchers from taking more than 10 seconds to throw the ball once they get it.

Joe West is irrelevant, and I like offense, so I don't want to see the mound raised. I'd be okay with the correct strike zone being called, but I prefer it be computers, not umpires, because umpires are bad. Have an ump behind the plate "calling" balls/strikes with an earpiece telling him what to say.