Thursday, September 18, 2008

What the hell, Mike?

Okay, so this has been a weird game. The Angels committed two errors in one inning and really screwed up a winnable game. The note below was written after Tex hit a 2-run homer to put them in the lead with 3 outs to go, before Gary Matthews Terrible made an error, the first of two in the inning to lose the game. DFA, DFA...
The below was written before Mark Teixiera's heroics. It still applies, but jeez, give the man his money NOW Arte.

Don't say you care about home field advantage when you have a lineup that includes Kendry Morales (.250), Robb Quinlan (.262), Gary Matthews Jr. (.235), Jeff Mathis (.193 for a former everyday player!), Sean Rodriguez (.191), and Reggie Willits (.180). Don't say you're not coasting towards the playoffs. Don't say you know home-field matters and that your number one goal is to win games, and that you're not looking more than one game ahead and you actually care about winning in the fucking posteseason with a lineup like that.

Because you're lying. And it's obvious. Vlad, Torii, Rivera and Figgins do not all need to rest on the same day. This is why we have the designated hitter.

2008 is going to look an awful lot like 2007 when it's all said and done, except the Angels will be walking out of a dome and not out of Fenway.

The A's are a horrendous baseball team. They can't hit anything. Ever. They walk about a hundred times a game and will score either 1 or 0 runs in a game. The Angels have scored one run in 18 innings against them. All they needed tonight was 2 and they couldn't do it. Why? Because they were fielding a lineup of Bees in a game which is not, despite what Scioscia thinks, meaningless in any way, shape, or form.

Wake the fuck up, Angels, because I'm getting tired of watching the best team in baseball lose, year after year.

On a more basic note, let me say this: I'm an idiot fan sometimes too. Sometimes I ignore statistics, call home runs "dingers," and generally act like someone who's seen about 4 baseball games in his life. That part of me gets killed by games like this. Watching my manager essentially throw away a game because "it doesn't matter" is contrary to everything in sports. It's unacceptable and physically pains me to watch. This team means a lot to me, and to see them reciprocate my love by throwing out 6 players out of 9 who wouldn't be playing for any team in the majors right now is disheartening and irritating. Just stop it.

Also, look. It's easier to win games than it is to get people healthy. Home field advantage is guaranteed to the team that wins the most games. Resting a player for the whole season doesn't guarantee he'll be healthy for the playoffs. Can we, for once, take the guaranteed route?

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